Bradley Quinton Awarded October

bradley quinton 007


The smile on Nicholas Rowe’s face shows how delighted he was to meet Bradley Quinton (Enfield Town’s manager).
Bradley has a smile on his face for two reasons: as the winner of the MOTM Award he was presented by Nick with a plain navy suit plus he’s just overseen his team average 2.2 points per match throughout October 2014.
Nick also presented Bradley with his certificate, which was produced to the same demanding specifications Nick shows when he produces suits.
If you’re happy with your suit you’ll wear it; if Bradley is delighted with his certificate he’ll show it off!
With that philosophy of creating quality Nick is delighted to be in partnership with the Ryman’s League – both parties have plenty in common believing in the “old-fashioned” values of providing great service with a smile.
If you’re an Enfield Town supporter you too can get a smile on your face by visiting Nicholas Rowe Tailoring in Redhill and getting up to £30 of free alterations so your new suit fits as well as Bradley’s.